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Valley View Elementary School 
1187 Old Middlesboro Hwy
La Follette, Tennessee 37766 


Principal: Mr. Jason Dotson  E-Mail:
Principal: Mrs. Pam Hill E-Mail:


School Counselor: Stephanie Hicks   email:

Parent Involvement Policy
TSIPP 2010-2011
Office: 423.562.5278
Fax: 423.562.8098

School Information
Number Of Students: 463
Homerooms: 20
Grades: PK - 5
Type Of School: Public
Mascot: Bobcats
School Colors: Gray, Maroon
Computer Platform: PC
Number Of Internet Connected Computers: 140
Type Of Internet Connection: Fiber


At Valley View Elementary we believe all students can learn at their
individual level and must take an active and responsible role in the
learning process. We believe that all decisions must be based upon
scientific based information and data.

1.) We believe that a safe and secure school environment is essential to maintaining high academic achievement.

2.) We believe that Valley  View students should be taught daily what is
expected of them. This can be done with posters, signs and modeling of expectations. Teachers and administrators should inspect what they expect.

3.) We believe that rules should be taught to students along with
consequences for breaking rules. Good discipline in a school environment is a necessity.

4.) We believe that Valley View's higher performing students should be
provided with enrichment activities. These enrichment activities should
contain higher order thinking skills.

5.) We believe that maintaining an environment of high standards, conduct and mutual respect is essential building strong character and supporting student achievement.

6.) We believe in offering a comprehensive curriculum, which fosters
academic excellence in preparing students for future educational endeavors and become a productive member of society.

7.) We believe that community and parent involvement is necessary for our school to be successful.

8.) We believe that student achievement depends on parents, students and educators taking responsibility for high academic standards and equality of various educational opportunities.

9.) We believe that student achievement depends on parents and students taking responsibility for diligent regular attendance.

10.) We believe that parents, students and school personnel share a
responsibility for preparing students for the work place through the use
of technology, fine arts, reading strategies, critical and analytical
thinking, problem solving and teamwork.

11.) We believe that a commitment to continuous improvement must exist among learners, parents and educational staff in order to achieve and maintain standards of excellence.

Our mission at Valley View Elementary School is to provide an enriching educational environment for all students. We want our students to love learning and to be able to think independently and critically. Our goal is to produce students that see learning as a life long process. This will allow them to be successful in any endeavor they may pursue.

We here at Valley View Elementary envision a school where all students develop to their fullest potential. We want our students to recognize that each individual is different and no one deserves to be mistreated. We want our students to be able to work independently using their critical thinking skills. In short our vision is for our students to be successful in their middle and high school years.